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patmac Skytower channels Kartron

    what means channeling?
sometimes angel-beings decides to talk to us and therefor they use a human being. you easily can control that: this being always will let you in freedom to decide... there is never a judgement ... and you will feel the love

Be a part of ancient future history. Be a part of
the Kartron Experience.

Some explanations by patmac Skytower:
This 6-part Session Series: BECOMING ONE AGAIN
is only for those who want to receive direct benefit and improve their lives for the better. A series of guided meditations, Kartron helps us focus on the creation, opening and accessing of the inter-dimensional gates, where those celestial qualities we inherently possess have always existed, yet we are isolated from, being here on Earth.

Session 0 Introduction to The Greater Work, introduces us to who Kartron is and what he does to help ourselves and this world through direct intervention, training us to do the same.
Session 1: Discovering Your True Self, helps us reconnect to our True Self again.
Session 2: Redefining Your Original Destiny, helps us rediscover our Original Path and Direction we came here for.
Session 3: Remembering True Purpose, helps us remember our Reason for being here.
**** Restoring these three Primary Foundations; 1) True Self (Identity), 2) Original Destiny (Path) and 3) True Purpose (Reason), allows for re-triangulation of our coordinates in time and space, placing us in our correct Life Patterns, those which were thrown off when the Original Divine Plan was intercepted during its precipitation into matter through disruption of the time continuum.
Session 4: Light Body Integration, reconnects our Cosmic Light Body, Earth Light Body, and Higher Self with the physical one, giving us the unifying vehicle to allow for our reactivation of the God Powers. With these processes in place, it acts as a framework for Kartron to initiate
Session 5: Awakening God Within, where we are introduced to and experience our true cosmic power and self.

Each session is made self-contained, so if someone comes into a session record brand new, it is more understandable;

Who is Kartron? How he can make such direct change?

Kartron is an inter-dimensional Being who, without limits in his work, facilitates the ascension of Earth and Humanity from the Divine Realms, while accessing the material world by projecting and expressing himself through a human body. By accessing both material and ascended realms, he uses divine energy to help prepare the world, time, dimensions, people, and “real-ity”, shifting it into a higher possibility.

What is Kartron doing with people?

Kartron facilitates Spirit Strengthening for people in Real Life using Second Life, preparing those ready to become their fully awakened Selves. He is creating legions of embodied light for stabilization of material reality during dimensional ascension, and blessing this world, giving it the light required to keep it in balance. His advanced techniques and sciences help us awaken to our True God Selves.

Why is he doing it?

After thorough review of the Non-Intervention Laws governing this realm, Kartron saw they could be improved and updated for Earth's ascension process. This allowed for and mandated intervention, to maintain balance in this world during its transition.

Thus approximately in June of 1995, on Maui, Hawaii, he answered a distress call during a Spiritual War, whose stakes were the fate and higher destiny for humanity. Time itself was being changed, jeopardizing the Original Divine Plan. Humanity, no longer to remain a slave race, is scheduled to become the God-Being Guardians of this world, and many dark forces lined up to prevent it.

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